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Having said that, donating the overage items instead of having a crazy stock pile can be huge for a community. June 27, at am. If these extreme queens where donating so much, why are their stockpiles worth 10 — 15, dollars. Come on. Give us realistic couponers a break and leave a few items on the shelf. June 26, at pm. I use coupons regulary. Family time is more valuable then coupon time.

June 24, at pm. I have gone over the policy since coming home bodywashless and still i dont see anywhere in their policy where they dont allow you to stack another coupon on a BOGO coupon. Even the people in the line that was getting a little longer than expected was agreeing with the cashier i really think they were clueless since none of them had any coupons for their purchases so i cant even get mad at them.

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Im not done yet. In my opinion it should not be done. It is always good to carry your coupon policy with you though! June 23, at pm. This is really a lifestyle change. By eating at home more we are going to save a TON of money. Lynda , Great job!! And yes — eating at home will save you a TON! June 21, at pm. Do I need special printer, because whenI try to get the coupons they tellme please install coupon priter. Pingback: Realistic Couponing! June 20, at am. I have been couponing for years.

For the really fancy fashion shows or looking at the auto shows that show prototypes, not everything is very practical, but if we take what we can use and leave the rest, it is an actual benefit. Look at what is shown. Look for ideas or new ways to improve.

Take what we want and ignore the rest. When I first started couponing, I watched an extreme couponing show. It was said to ask your store or gas station, etc. I did that and now I have one that I check with on Monday mornings to see if they have any left from Sunday that I can take the coupons from.

Even they are given different policies based on the specific newspaper as to what to do.

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Some ideas I have learned lately from EC include using different computers to print more of the same coupon and using a binder system to put my coupons in. I also like the idea of giving to the food pantries, etc. Another nice aspect to the show was that my husband has become interested in helping with some of the couponing. He now knows what I have been doing for years. He has started to look at sites. June 19, at am. June 18, at pm. Is there an easy way to find specific coupons? I have a 2 coupons for 0. Will this apply? June 17, at pm. For starters, I appreciate you being realistic with expectations.

Like many of other comments, donate to shelters or organizations. My daughter and I yell at the tv everytime — donate! Couponing is a must for any household and a great way to show our children the value of a dollar. I have much to learn and always appreciate the lil tidpits from my other fellow mothers trying to stretch a dollar — The Gurley Girls.

June 17, at am. Our stores here will not double any coupon over 99 cents. Watching that show is frustrating, like the one the other night. And to buy boxes of couscous, just because you have coupons, makes no sense, especially since they said they had never even tried it.

I really do wish I could learn to do this a little better tho. June 16, at pm. I just joined this site today i think its wonderful…. Teresa , Realistic couponing can give you that rush too — you can get just as much of a thrill getting items free instead of ! Stephanie , thank so much for your comment…peace love and blessings. June 16, at am. Thank you for assuring me that i am right in the thinking that WHO needs 77 bottles of mustard?

I appreciate the tips you have on here and am looking forward to increasing my beginning coupon shopping! June 15, at pm. Either way, the rest of us more reasonable shoppers will pay for this in either fewer coupons being published by the manufacturers or higher prices at the grocery store. Personally, I think extreme couponing is an addiction and if those doing it would look at the total amount spent in time, newspapers, and spoilage waste and what they are giving up in their quality of life, they might be surprised at exactly how much this habit is costing them. I just find the extremeness — well, extreme and frankly selfish.

Dianne , Especially when they gleefully clear the shelves of the product so there is nothing left for anyone else. I do appreciate when they say they call ahead and pre-order something but to take everything on the shelf for themselves is very selfish and inconsiderate. Most of the stores in my town specify a limit of on sale items.

Kathy , That part drives me nuts, because it seems like I always go shopping after someone like that has been in the store and cleared the shelves. Our stores limit the amounts too. June 14, at am. Thank you for providing some realism with this new buzz in the couponing world. June 13, at pm. June 12, at am. Extreme couponing is hoarding and not couponing per se. I agree with realistic couponing, buying things you only need and using them immediately. June 11, at am.

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Then during checkout, the store doubles everything. I still have to believe that the stores are in on this for the free advertising it gets for being on tv. It appears the store violates their own couponing policy. Am I the only one who noticed this?

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June 11, at pm. June 10, at pm. June 10, at am. I have a? I did it yesterday. June 9, at am. Why would you get a reasonable amount of free Gatorade when you can get an extreme amount? Plus, the only store in my town that doubles is the one that is the most expensive to begin with.

So it is still usually cheaper to go to Walmart superstore than it is to double a coupon at the most expensive store.

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I just found your website today and so glad I did. I have only been couponing for 2 months so needless to say my excitement over saving money has been in turbo blast mode. My stockpile is going great only one problem.. Anywoo the point being saving money is a wonderful feeling as long as you can use what you buy. I think this couponing thing will be a great addition to my families life! June 5, at am. June 4, at pm. I just bought the Washington post today the early edition to get the coupons an have come to see the majority of the coupons are expired In may.

Kinda frustrating since I only bought the paper for the coupons. What a waste of 2. Sarah , I have noticed that the coupons in the paper seem to have shorter and shorter expiration dates. Once upon a time, I got coupons with a 12 month expiration date and now it seems like they expire in months. Dash seasoning.

I buy papers, so I was able to get a decent deal especially since Mrs. Dash was on sale at my local store. Yes, there are a lot of coupons for junk, but personally I have been surprised by the number of good things that I am able to get for my family.

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It seems to me that most of the things purchaed by the people portrayed on EC are vitamin water, body wash, deodrant, hot sauce, laundry detergent and packaged noodles. There rarely is any fresh or canned vegetables or meat. Only one time was there meat being purchased and I think that was accomplished with the overages created by other coupons.

And laundry detergent is so expensive, I sincerely doubt that they get it free. Kathy , just wanted to say I have 36 laundry detergents, which I only paid 36 dollars for. Couponing is a skill, not everyone can do it.

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The one I got yesterday, I have to buy Kraft singles. Not a big deal, because we go through that cheese quickly. They are out there.

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  7. I have also gotten great deals on laundry soap. Family Dollar puts store coupons in there fliers and on their website. I combine that with my manufacturers coupon, and I get cheap detergent and fabric softener. June 30, at pm. Kathy , I just started couponing last week, and my Safeway offered a coupon for a basket of raspberries for 99cents. So I got two baskets of raspberries for 99cents. Not a huge deal, but still nice. Ok… I get the small stockpile because if you extreme coupon exclusively…. Deodorant, papertowel, mustard and aspirin will not feed your family but buying it to supplement or add to what you already own… Okay, gotcha.

    I agree the items are insane. I would like to get a small pile going so I can coupon more effectively. That is my goal. One extreme couponer did have a valid point about his stockpile however, he said when you lose your job how so you provide for your family until you get a new job…. Fair point right there. June 4, at am. June 3, at pm. I read a disturbing article in our paper yesterday about a woman who was caught and arrested for stealing the coupons out of all the newspapers in the paper stand. The article said that now that more people are couponing there are more complaints of people having their Sunday paper stolen from their driveway and the coupons missing from the papers they buy.

    So sad. I still cannot figure out how the guy that got boxes of cereal free managed to get coupons. Many coupons state that they cannot be combined with other offers. July 15, at pm. I figure the people who moved out were in a hurry to move out and forgot to tie up a few loose ends. I think the extreame couponing show is a little over the top.

    Have you ever heard some of the TV show host say how they place their order for coupons that are already cut and come to you in the mail — you can order as many as you want for a price well I wonder if they add that into their total payout at the end of the shopping spree?

    I would love to meet up with other couponer and trade advice and coupons. Hey every little penny helps.

    Lets get couponing!!!! June 3, at am. FYI, if you are in the Houston area. The LA hairgel is on sale for. Each additional bottle is 1. Not to be a snot, I am truly thankful for coupons. Any suggestions or am I just being a jerk? No really, feel free to answer, not a trick question. June 1, at pm. I googled you and instantly got ya! I am looking forward to atrying to learn this trade! Yes I want to save for my family but I want to help my parents who are on a fixed income and NOT making it!

    If I can just help them and my siblings who unfortunately are having hard times. I just want a very basic coupon course. I more excited to surprise my parents with this!!!! Having tried expired toothpaste from my own previous stockpile and spat it out in disgust, I can see that some of them just continue to take and store more than they can use. When I was couponing very, very heavily, we were also not as healthy as we are now because so much unhealthy food comes up very cheap or free. All those free drinks chips and candy just make me cringe.

    May 30, at pm. I have been watching the hit show TLC couponing as i find it great that people really can save money. I am recently divorced and have 2 children so i need to find a way to save as much money as i can and still put food on my table. May 29, at pm.

    I agree some of the stockpiles are a little outrageous, but most of those people donate on a regular basis. Everything in life takes time, it just depends on which things each individual decides to spend time on. June 2, at pm. I wonder how people use store coupons and manufacturer coupons BOTH on one product if the coupons say that. My daughter and I have put together our coupon book with high hopes. However, our first few trips have not gone well.

    The time we spent walking around the store was not worth what we saved. I would have rather been spending more quality time with her. I just just begun to coupon and this website was very useful for me. How can I find out when items go on sale seasonally? May 29, at am. I dont want to go extreme. I just want to save money. I wouldnt know what to do with all that stuff!

    Im watching the show and Im like, how much did it cost for all those shelves, freezers and the energy to keep it all running?? Reality is most of that food will go to waste. They cant eat that much before it expires! I dont want to be the crazy coupon lady! I live in Alabama and due to the April 27th tordandos there are people needing diapers, baby formula, food, etc. I couldnt sit there with a stockpile like that and not donate.

    That clearing the shelf stuff, just because you can, makes me mad too! Thank you for posting about realistic couponing. The people on extreme couponing have crossed the line of stocking up to hoarding. I just want to save money on things we buy to help save as much as I reasonably can. The big question everyone has on their minds when they see this Extreme Couponing show is: Where do you find these sweet coupons? Best I find are typically buy one, get one free. So do I need ring up 75 different transactions to buy that pallet of Powerade? Also coupons seem to be getting cheaper nowadays.

    Do stores normally then let you be plunk down 40 of those coupons to get those two cans for free? So what are the tricks to getting around all the conditions and restrictions? Do you need to find stores with a pretty loose coupon policy? But there are usually several good coupons in every newspaper that are high value. Printable coupons are also a great way to get good coupons, especially Facebook because many manufacturers are trying to get Facebook fans. May 25, at pm. Thank you for this post! I live in Puerto Rico and would like to know where I can find coupons valid here.

    Also, I want to know if I can use multiple coupons on one item. Its important and urgent! May 24, at pm. I did watch the show and I love it! I am so fascinated but I figured it is Not realistic, although it would be awesome. As a matter of fact, I was discouraged although, will keep watching.. My hobby is jewelry-making and crafts and art. Also, have two kids and a job. Thank goodness! Looking forward to frequenting this site! May 24, at am. I have decided to stay at home and raise my grandson, whom I have custody of. I do many things to cut our expenses and couponing is a big part of that.

    Seriously, if I can get something for. I think this also keeps me from going to the store as often and we all know that saves money right there! May 23, at pm. Went to walgreens today, got there at 9, after getting kids on the bus and shelves cleared already??? I was chatting with a cashier whom I have gotten to know over the last few months and she said that 2 women were there at open and cleared the shelves of the Infusium, Listerine, and little swimmers. Seriously, two women NEED that much.

    I just wanted enough for the summer for my little guy. I think there comes a point when the cashiers should be able to refuse anymore transactions to the same person. Make it inconvenient for them to clear the shelves like making them physically leave the store to put their purchases in their car after transactions. At least that way it gives the rest of us some kind of chance.

    Some of us have lives outside of couponing. May 22, at pm. Can anyone tell me how I could find a few good websites where you can simply go to and print out good food coupons? I am starting to collect coupons to set up a large binder to keep my coupons in, and I have gone online to a hand full of websites that say they offer free grocery coupons,but once there, you are met with opening one window after another searching for coupons, I just gave up after visiting 6 -8 sites.

    All I want to do is just print some good food coupons to use, thanks. Joyce Hollinshead , I found couponmom. I am just subscribing myself and thought you might check it out too. Open another free email account through gmail or yahoo, and sign up at manufacturers and grocerers websites. They will send you coupons via email. May 22, at am. Those women have issues! Then I watched it last night and a young couple was doing just that — good for them.

    Thanx for your reality check! I have been wanting to get into couponing ever since I was a child. I am going to be 30 in Sept. I know people can do what they do, but first off. I have Autism, and I tend to be unorganized. Never really could take notes, keep track of my notes. Or even be able to make since of them. I tend to get Anxiaty and Panic Attacks. But, I also know that we are in hard times.

    We get foodstamps, but that is not enough and also my sister-in-law is moving in too. Which is another mouth to feed. She can not get foodstamps, because she is under the age of 24 and has to be on her mothers foodstamps. I also receive SSI. As does my daughter who is Autistic. An Autistic child already costs alot to raise, so with all of the added stress and an extra person, with the money we are living on.

    I have been stressing on food, and other necessity. I also, like to help people. I have always been a giving person. I can not stand the thought of a hungry person. Or, a person in need. It is heart-wrenching, the thought of not being able to help them. I have been trying to help people any time I can. But, if I start couponing. Then, It will give me the chance to help people and not be as stressed out over things. Not be as stressed out on not being able to help people. But, right now we are looking for another place to live. Because, there are three Adults and one Autistic child, already.

    And, starting the 4th. There will be four Adults and one child. So, we need a bigger place. And, maby start being able to get things we need. A suggestion, if you know some one that works at your local newspaper, ask them if they would mind getting some of the coupon inserts for you. I have asked the lady that does the tearsheets if she would start saving me three sets of each coupon. They are going to be recycled anyway. But if I see some one looking at something that I have a coupon for I will give it to them. May 21, at pm. Thank you for this article. I first found your site when I was threatened with job loss, started my own business, and got distracted from saving money.

    Saw the TLC show and it totally turned me off. My time too is valuable. This article help me to realize what is realistic and encouraging! Thank you. May 20, at am. Thanks for this article. I started couponing about a month ago I have used them off and on starting in college.

    Our family tried to go to Disney once every 18 months, my kids are getting older and therefore more expensive, and I just bought the wife a GMC Yukon XL…so I am cutting everywhere I can. Also, the wife makes enough runs to the store for the immediately needed items — that I chose to take over the weekly large purchase trips to give her a break.

    Not to mention, the reduced trips to fast food joints bc there is nothing in the cupboard. I began to get pumped. I spend about an hour a week researching and about an hour in the store. Thanks for the great post. I love couponing, and the show got me back into it…but 75 boxes of cereal??? Get real…stuff does go rancid yes oil, salad dressings, and even medication expire. Those who coupon for donations are wonderful, but stockpile just to have it? Great Blog post!!!! May 19, at pm. Ok, got that off my chest.

    I did miss out on the register rewards for the toothpaste that would have made it. I also made some new friends that I met at a local restaurant who saw my binder and guessed that I coupon even before I opened it. My kids got a kick out of that. A lady in front of me cleared off the shelf of body wash that was the great deal I talked about earlier. There were people waiting to get some including myself! How rude. Note to self and anybody interested , go early in the week to Walgreens and CVS.

    May 18, at am. I am just getting started couponing. I went to Kroger yesterday. I was very pleased with my final bill considering this was my first time to really try to match coupons with sales. I wanted to say thanks for the tips on how to get coupons and having them matched up, it really helps those of us trying to figure this out. May 17, at pm. I have to believe that some of the scenes shown are staged. In one episode the lady admitted that her store would only double one coupon for each item and she broke up her order into 2 parts with her husband checking out the second load.

    But the camera showed all of her coupons being doubled. Also, most of the stores in my town of over , do not have items of the shelf. Maybe the store is going along with this to get free advertising. May 17, at am. I dont understand how this coupining thing works. So why should i stock up on something that is still expensive after a coupon? How is that possible??? Have been reading a lot about couponing but i just dont get how to start.

    What is step one? But then again, who is? One thing that I do is wait for that expensive product to go on sale. Just about everything goes on sale within a 3 to 4 month cylcle. When the item is on sale…. This is where I see mega savings. And unfortunately, couponing does not allow you to always be faithful to one brand. You may have to switch.

    May 18, at pm. AK , This site will help you better than I can since I just started, but a short answer is to use stores like Walgreens and CVS on some of the expensive toiletries. With register rewards and extra bucks and coupons sometimes you can get expensive items for really cheap. For example, in my area, expensive mens body wash is on sale 3 for 10 which is still expensive for me.

    So I am paying. Keep reading this site and searching other couponing sites. Sites like this one or thekrazycouponlady. I just started couponing about 3 weeks ago and am so far seeing a savings of approx. I have also been able to give away diaper coupons to family members as well as buy some extra toiletries for my elderly parents. My binder set up cost me 30 bucks total.

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