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All iPhone 5 models share the same 4" diagonal widescreen multi-touch IPS LED-backlit x native resolution ppi "Retina" display, which has "integrated touch technology" so the pixels themselves act as the touch-sensitive digitizer, which means the display is thinner and has "more clarity" than it would if the digitizer was a separate layer over the LCD. The iPhone 5 models all use a largely aluminum body -- a mere 0. The white option has a matte silver aluminum back with white glossy "ceramic glass" portions on the top and bottom of the rear for antenna reception and a glossy white glass front.

All iPhone 5 models also have dual cameras -- a rear 8 megapixel, p "iSight" camera, which includes support for HD video recording and Panorama shots up to 28 megapixels, as well as a front 1.

All iPhone 5 models have a bottom mounted headphone jack, designed for use with the included "EarPod" headphones, said to provide better sound as well as better fit than earlier iPhone earbuds, and a new, smaller USB 2. As first discovered by iDownloadBlog , the Verizon model was sold unlocked , albeit bound by a contract, but this still made it the clear choice for Americans interested in traveling outside of the US at the time of its introduction.

One simple way to externally identify many other iPhone models is by the Model Number printed in small type on the back of the phone. Unfortunately, for the iPhone 5, this identification method is not fool proof as four different iPhone 5 configurations share two model numbers. In the short term, geographic distribution and carrier support may mitigate some of this confusion, but as time goes on, and iPhone 5 models continue to find their way around the globe on the secondary market, it no doubt will become a larger issue.

Consequently, if the iPhone will boot, the most convenient way to conclusively identify a specific A or A iPhone 5 model is with the Order Number -- which Apple refers to as the "Model" within the iOS -- or its Serial Number listed in software. If the A or A iPhone 5 will not boot, you will have to connect it to a computer and view its serial number within iTunes the Serial Number is not printed within the Nano SIM card tray on the iPhone 5 like it is on earlier models. Once you have located the "Model" or the device serial number, EveryiPhone.

All iPhone 5 configurations support Network support is quite different for different configurations, however. A and Rev. That's less important for major carrier subscribers as the big four are focusing more on data packages that include unlimited calling minutes. Nevertheless, there are times when Wi-Fi calling can come in handy, such as an office building with a weak cellular signal but all kinds of Wi-Fi, or in rural areas. T-Mobile and Sprint are the only major U.

Some carriers haven't made the investments in network coverage and capacity, and may need to utilize voice over Wi-Fi to cover their network gaps. This story, "Apple's iOS 8. Retail representatives collect devices when they assist with completing Clean Slate sm transactions. Before registering, you must have completed a Buyback transaction and shipped your old device s.

To upload or register for the Clean Slate sm Program, please visit: www. Note: Contact the Clean Slate sm Team at —— for assistance with the registration process. Depending on your billing cycle, it can take up to 4 weeks from the date the device is processed for your credit to appear on your monthly bill. You can also use the Check Status section of our website to obtain processing details associated with your transaction. To view details of the devices received, please visit the Check Status section.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Sprint Buyback Support at —— We send courtesy reminders at periodic intervals to help ensure your device is received within the 30—day timeframe. Note: If you shipped your device s with your own label or a UPS Return kit, please contact Sprint Buyback Support at —— for further assistance.

We are unable to track in—store transactions through the online program.

When you create a Sprint online Buyback Transaction, enter your promotion code in the Promo Code field when you tell us about your device s. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the promotion code as this will invalidate the entry and an error message will appear. Sprint Buyback promotions have specific qualification requirements and eligibility will be confirmed when the device is received and processed. If you have questions regarding a specific promotion, please contact Sprint Buyback Support at —— Your account number is located on each monthly billing statement.

It is also available online if you have an account admin or account authorized profile set up on sprint. At the top right—hand side of the My Account page, next to the Sign Out button, your account number is displayed below the account nickname. The Check Status section provides processing details for devices associated with your transaction. Note: TTY customers contact Sprint Relay services at —— and provide them with the Toll—free support number listed above. We are facing some technical difficulties, please try again after some time.

Check the status of your Buyback transaction by entering your Sprint mobile number, or select an alternate method from the drop—down menu, enter your information, then click Submit.

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Search by Sprint confirmation number or Email address. Search by Sprint mobile number or Email address. Search by Sprint mobile number or Sprint confirmation number. We did not find a match to your search. If your transaction is older than 45 days, you may need to select a different timeframe for your search. If the problem persists, contact Buyback Support at —— Clean Slate sm Learn more.

Go to sprint. Click Sell below to start your trade—in. Sprint Buyback. Sprint Care agent login. Buyback cart. Sell today Act now to get the best value. Send for free Shipping is easy. Get credit See the savings on your bill. It appears you still need to answer questions about devices you have selected. Continue to your selected devices to proceed with your transaction.

Select device Determine value Review offer. Find device to view value. Proceed with selected device s. Device search. Carrier Manufacturer Model. Top traded models No Results Found.

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Change device. Enter a quantity below. Quantity sub-total:. Act now to lock in price.

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Max devices per transaction is 8. You can add more devices. Add and proceed. Add and select another device. Remove all devices Go to store instead. Remove device.

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Does the device power on and off? Is the battery missing? Promo code if provided Please enter a valid promo code. Add to cart, select another device. Add another device Start over. Device details. Customer information Complete the form below to receive your free shipping materials and pre—paid label s. Urbanization Code.

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Accept offer. Shipping materials warning To prevent the potential loss of credit, only use the Department of Transportation approved materials provided, and include only the devices listed on your packing slip. Apple devices with FMiP warning If your transaction included an Apple device, you are required to turn off the Find My iPhone feature and factory reset your device s before shipping them. I have read and understand all Terms, Conditions and Warnings You must accept the Terms, Conditions and Warnings by clicking the checkbox in order to proceed.

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Complete offer. Thank you for participating in the Sprint Buyback Program. Confirmation Your confirmation email has been sent to. What not to do Transaction summary. Start another Buyback. Address where your packaging will be sent:.

sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code
sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code
sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code
sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code
sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code
sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code
sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code
sprint iphone 5c coupon code Sprint iphone 5c coupon code

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